3 recipes for Studio Ghibli movie fans

Steamed bread as in Spirit awaygourmet breakfast Howl moving castleramen e Ponyo on the rock… This season, Thibaud Villanova have fun recreating 35 key recipes, seen in the best movies of Studio Ghiblithrough a new cookbook (Gastronogeek: Kitchen in Ghibli). Published by publications Hachette Heroeshere is a preview of 3 star dishes to discover to celebrate its release.

Recipe for Shio Ramen From Homecoming from the movie Ponyo Sur La Falaise

For Chintan juice
-50 cl kombu and katsuobushi broth
-50 cl chicken broth
For shio tare
-40 cl chicken juice
-90 g of fine salt
-35 g powdered sugar
-10 cl sake
-12 cl dead
For ajitsuke tamago (pickled eggs)
-2 eggs
-30 cl of salted soy sauce
For the dress
-1 young onion, green
-4 fine slices of pork chashu or bacon with herbs
-4 servings of instant noodles
-4 tablespoons. toasted sesame oil

1 • Prepare marinated eggs first: of course you can use boiled eggs, but if you really want to try ramen eggs, put a large pot of boiling water. Soak the eggs in it for 5 minutes and 55 seconds. Meanwhile prepare a cream: a large volume of very cold water or ice. When the eggs have finished boiling, remove them from the boiling water and immediately place them in the glaze to stop the boiling. Peel the eggs and place in a bowl. Cover them with soy sauce and let them rest for the rest of the preparation. You can make more eggs at the same time, marinating them in the same way for up to 24 hours before consuming them.
2 • Continue to prepare the shio tares: put all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat over medium heat. Bring to the boil, cover and set aside over low heat.
3 • Prepare chintan juice: in a large saucepan pour the chicken juice and bonito and kombu ram. Bring to the boil, cover and set aside over low heat
4 • Finally, move on to the preparation of
fillings: chop the green onion. CUTTING
pork slices in half. Cut the eggs quickly in half so that the liquid yolk remains in the cooked and marinated white.
5 • For dressing, divide the noodles into 4 ramen cups. Add 2 tablespoons good chintan broth, 1 teaspoon shio tare. Cover and let the noodles simmer for 2-3 minutes. Then add 1 tablespoon. sesame oil. Place 1⁄2 softly boiled marinated egg on the surface of the liquid. Add 2 half slices of bacon or pork chashu then finish by scattering the green onion. Enjoy these hot cups with ramen!

Note: in the film, Lisa, Sousuke’s mother, gives the children instant ramen. I prefer to put you on the path to home-made ramen, a fascinating and endless art, offering you a recipe that respects some basic principles: a strong gravy, an aromatic oil, a delicious spice – spice that will t ‘give it its specificity. ramen – and carefully prepared fillings!


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