5 recipes for light snacks to cook while camping

Baked eggs for breakfast… in a paper bag

The sun is rising after a good night’s sleep in your tent and your stomach is forced to scream for food. A good strong breakfast is important, especially if you have a big day ahead. The only problem? You do not have a pan for eggs and bacon. Just a paper bag …

Preparation: Cover the bottom of the bag with a few slices of bacon, break two or three eggs and close the bag by rolling it. Climb on the stick to hold it over the fire. Crazy or not?

A Mexican salad on a toasted pita bread at noon

When you want to travel easily, you usually leave your camping service at home. A good thing because dishes are not always useful, especially when you put all your ingredients in a pita bread.

Preparation: Cut the tops of the pita breads and toast them in a pan. Then fill them with beans, sweet corn, diced tomatoes and avocados, grated cheese, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and garlic for a little Mexican twist. Yum!

A croque-monsieur barbecue in the afternoon

There is really no time to enjoy the sun and grill. Feeling upset during the afternoon? A few slices of bread, bacon and cheese and burning bacon will do.

Preparation: Make cracks in long white bread and top with small slices of cheese and bacon. Wrap the bread tightly in aluminum foil and heat gently on the still hot coals. Do not hesitate to place a brie or a kamember on the embers.

Pasta with bacon and cheese prepared quickly at the end of the day

After a long day of walking in the rain, crossing rivers or climbing chains, you will not want to spend an hour making a small dish. You will also need a lot of energy: nothing more than a good plate of pasta and lots of cheese.

Preparation: Dip pasta in milk, bring to a boil and simmer over low heat. The starch in the pasta will crush the milk, which will become the sauce. Add more grated cheese, pieces of bacon, salt and pepper. And it is already ready!

Brownies in an orange for dessert

We do not deserve a dessert because we are camping in the middle of nature, right? Especially when you can have a little warm and creamy cake… without forgetting a little vitamin C to clear your conscience! And the kids will love it!

Preparation: Chop the top of an orange and remove the pulp with a spoon (and eat so as not to overdo it). Fill the orange with ready-to-use brownie dough, replace the top of the orange and wrap tightly with aluminum foil. Then cook in hot embers.

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