5 recipes for the first terrace of the year

Summer has not officially arrived, we are already enjoying it. On the menu: sunbathing, evenings with friends and campfires. Outdoor food is one of the most precious pleasures of summer. Discover five of our best recipes to celebrate the first terrace of the year!

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1. Grilled tomato salad and halloumi

This summer recipe is the perfect dish to accompany grilled chicken or shrimp on the BBQ. Ready in less than 15 minutes, this salad has just what it takes to satisfy your first guests!

Recipe: tomato salad and grilled halloumi


2. Fish tacos, mango salsa

This fish taco recipe is perfect for hot summer days. By placing the ingredients in the center of the table, all family members will be able to create a dish that suits them!

Recipe: taco fish, mango salsa


3. Salmon Cajun, mango and strawberry salsa

There is no better excuse to celebrate the arrival of summer than this fresh recipe. Slightly spicy, the salmon goes wonderfully with the mango and strawberry sauce.

Recipe: Salmon Cajun, mango and strawberry salsa


4. Pizza chicken BBQ

This chicken pizza recipe on BBQ is unanimous around the table! Perfect for calming an afternoon craving or hosting an impromptu visit, it can be prepared in less than 15 minutes.

Recipe: Pizza chicken BBQ


5. Thai salad and peanuts

Thanks to the addition of red peppers, cucumber, snow pea and mango, this summer salad is bursting with flavor! Easy, completes a grill on the BBQ.

Recipe: Thai salad and peanuts


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