7 best foods for blood sugar

Even in the case of diabetestake a snack is not contraindicated. Rather, it can be a good way to distribute your carb intake throughout the day. But beware, this is not about placing jam sandwiches, biscuits and sugary drinks. Some conditions must be met to avoid rising blood sugar…

Snack: a good way to distribute your carb intake throughout the day

“In type 1 diabetes it will be necessary to become one insulin injection if the snack contains carbohydrates. If it is type 2 diabetes treated with tablets, it is necessary avoid causing your blood sugar to rise“means a sudden rise in blood sugar,” explains dietitian Mélanie Mercier on the website of the French Federation of Diabetics. “The interest of snacking lies in a better distribution of contributions during the day. “It often happens that we are very hungry at dinner because we have not eaten anything since lunch and the temptation is strong to eat a little more than we should.”

This can also happen when, for example, he eats breakfast very early, around 6 o’clock in the morning and does not eat lunch before 13:00. And for good reason, digestion is done in 4 hours, on average. It is therefore quite possible to eat a snack in the middle of the morning and / or in the middle of the afternoon “to avoid eating very large meals, but also for avoid hypoglycemia“, Specifies the specialist.

Also, it is important to take three balanced meals a day, at set schedules, and avoid skipping meals. Snacks should also be taken at regular times. “Divide your meals by 4 to 6 hours and, if necessary, take your meals 2 to 3 hours after eating,” the Quebec Ministry of Health encourages in its brochure. A look at the diet of diabetics.

Snack: what should you eat when you have diabetes?

But specifically, what should you eat at snack time when you are diabetic? Mélanie Mercier recommends “planning a snack with carbohydrate intake and fat / protein intake. Dietitian Molly Hembree, member of the American Committee of Media Experts Eat this, not that!goes in the same direction, as she believes the best foods for managing blood sugar include a protein source and a high-fiber carbohydrate.

“Protein and fiber contribute to reduce the rise in blood sugar at the time of snack. “While with refined cereals, foods rich in added sugars and / or no protein, you can experience a sharp rise in blood sugar,” she explains. Here is some examples of “healthy” foods.which will not cause blood sugar levels to rise in the sky.

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