Best Lunch at Loir-et-Cher Colleges: A 100% Local Menu with Chef Christophe Hay **

The second “Loir-et-Cher” lunch, served for all semi-dormitories by the 26 colleges of the department, as the one of 2018, not renovated due to Covid, could take place in the best possible conditions this Thursday, June 9th. , with a harmonization of dishes and recipes under the direction of the great chef Christophe Hay **.

By Richard Odé

Chief Christophe Hay at the Collège de Vendome

And as provided in the specifications set, over time, by the Loir-et-Cher Department Council, in all school canteens, everything was prepared with typical local products, which initially gave a lettuce, with lentils. and a smoked linden brunoise, served with a creamy lemon sauce; a piece of unlabeled boiled rouge chicken, chicken sauce, with freshly cooked fresh carrots and potatoes; a small cheese troo and a Saint-Michel madeleine, with strawberries, accompanied by a honey and lime mousseline, all with local apple juice.

According to the few echoes collected from the half-dorms, everything was a little more appreciated than usual and some would like the experience to continue throughout the week … even throughout the year.

A visit in the presence of chef Christophe Hay

Philippe Gouet, President of the Department Council, in the company of Claire Foucher-Maupet, Vice President in charge of education, higher education, colleges and the buildings where they are housed, as well as some community service leaders, are welcomed at Jean Émond College in Vendôme, particularly by Grégory De Cesco, director, and Sandy Pruvost, assistant director. They went through the dining room, the kitchens, before talking to the permanent staff present, including Christophe Hay, who had left his “Fleur de Loire” site in Blois to serve young people and talking to them about that time, unfortunately very quickly. passage in front of vessels. But even if this short stay could spur a profession, it was not in vain.

1,300,000 services / year

Philippe Gouet recalled that around 10,500 young people benefited from college meals (almost 500 in the country visited in Vendôme) and that this resulted in approximately 1,300,000 services / year. All the more so as to undertake everything to guarantee as much quality food, varied, balanced, based on local products, which should be a priority for the Department, more than ever engaged, even in a development policy. agricultural economy. , livestock and production of vegetables and / or fruits. The chefs of these establishments are also aware of the fact that they can work with local products, giving even more careful added value, because they know the origin and methods of their cultivation. Adherence to a vegetarian menu has been mentioned, but President Gouet, as a health person, specifies that a young man aged 11 to 14 also needs to eat meat products, especially when it has been established that for some lunches there are sometimes guests, alas. , there are no other meals in some families during the day, including breakfast which is often forgotten in the morning.

Restore the taste of flavors

Christophe Hay, who followed this experience, in partnership with the Department Council, states that you can cook good food, simply with local products, and that it is still possible to restore the taste and aroma of dishes to young people, even if they look tired and tired. income from everything, less than 15 years old! With a little culinary pedagogy, telling the story of products offered for tasting, young people, still curious about new things, will be able to remember or discover that France remains the homeland of good food and the art of living. Also in a school canteen in Vendôme, Bracieux, Contres, Lamotte-Beuvron…

All colleges had this Thursday, June 8, a department counselor present at lunch, with students, who favored intergenerational dialogue and allowed elected officials to be somewhat renewed.

More than ever, the Agrilocal 41 platform, the vegetable department plant and the “Frais avant” vehicle, already functional as part of the revival of local production, will have proven their effectiveness…

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