Catering in a nursing home

While many care facilities for dependent seniors choose to delegate food, others, such as the Korian group nursing homes, choose home cooking and comfort. An approach in favor of good nutrition, for the well-being, satisfaction and health of the inhabitants.

A diet tailored to the needs of the elderly

A source of lifelong enjoyment, but also a factor of well-being and good health, food is a central element in supporting the elderly, whether they are at home or in a nursing home. Korian nursing homes prioritize the pleasure of the table and offer their residents healthy and delicious meals with serving dishes that offer a perfect balance between health and pleasure.

5 meals a day

According to a study by ANSE, seniors require an energy intake of 25 to 30 kcal per kilogram of body per day. To better meet this recommendation, while adapting to the loss of appetite that occurs with age, nursing homes organize their catering service around 5 meals distributed during the day and offered in the form:

  • a full breakfast with a hot drink, a cereal of your choice (fresh bread, sandwich bread, tailcoat), butter, jam and honey. Some homes also offer pastries on weekends and public holidays,
  • a balanced lunch consisting of a starter, a main course, a dairy product, a dessert, a hot drink and fresh bread,
  • a snack including a pastry made daily in the kitchen and a drink,
  • a light dinner with a fresh soup, a balanced plate, a dairy product and a dessert,
  • a night snack provided to residents upon request or on the recommendation of the care team.

Homemade foods are known for their quality

To better control the quality of meals and to adapt food intake to the needs of the elderly, Korian catering services offer homemade dishes, prepared daily in the enterprise kitchens. Favoring local and seasonal products, meals are prepared daily with fresh and quality products. Menus are enjoyed by employees, providing nutritional balance and flavor. Chefs get their supplies as quickly as possible from local manufacturers or favor French products and the knowledge of local artisans.

The excellence of the catering services and the quality of the meals has enabled 60 Korian nursing homes to receive the Gault & Millau guarantee. This certification recognizes in particular the involvement of the teams, the knowledge of the chefs, the originality of the dishes and the quality of the products, as well as the attractiveness of the collective and private hotel areas that allow the reception of the family.

Restoration to customized textures

To suit the swallowing and chewing abilities of the elderly, nursing homes offer menus in the most appropriate texture. Thanks to the meticulous work of the chefs and the intervention of health experts, the offered recipes are served in different textures (minced, mixed, semi-liquid or eaten by hand).

Responding to specific pathologies, this texture adjustment allows residents to continue to enjoy the pleasures of the table and a balanced diet tailored to their needs.

A moment of exchange and joy

In addition to the health implications, the restaurant in nursing homes is also a place of meeting, discussion and joy. Each meal is an opportunity to make new connections with the residents, but also to enjoy special moments with the family.

A table reserved for guests

To allow residents to share a pleasant meal with their guests, Korian nursing homes offer private spaces. Tablecloths, napkins, presentation plates, cutlery, dressing of guests’ tables occupy the codes of large restaurants.

Festive and extraordinary food

Catering in nursing homes does not only focus on food, but also marks the year with celebrations of major events. Birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s night and local events, every restaurant in Korian’s homes also highlights life moments to allow residents to feel at home and share pleasant moments. By promoting exchanges and social life, these events are also open to family and friends of residents.

Innovative restoration to suit the advanced age

Catering in nursing homes is also a novelty to adapt to the needs of the elderly. Medical and catering teams at Korian’s homes, for example, have created gourmet bites to help seniors with catching, chewing or cognitive problems eat.

Reconciling pleasure and health at every dish, regardless of the skills of the residents, is a daily challenge for all Korian teams. This is why, in partnership with the medical department and catering professionals, a specific texture has been put in place, called “delicious bites” to allow residents who have difficulty catching, chewing or cognitive disorders (for example, residents who feel the need to move constantly), to have fun at the table. Parimi? Offer foods that can be caught by hand, in different attractive shapes and colors and the taste of which is identical to the original dishes: only the shapes and structures differ. Thus, tasty bites allow residents to eat more easily, independently, while continuing to appreciate the taste of cooked products. A great way to maintain autonomy, restore appetite and rediscover the enjoyment of shared meals.

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