Correspondent’s kitchen: noodle fish from Michou d’Embres-et-Castelmaure

Throughout the year, they provide information about the life of their village. Today they give their favorite recipe.

Micheline Roser (known as Michou) was born in Strasbourg where she completed elementary and high school, up to a technical trade school. When she returned to Crédit Industriel d’Alsace et de Lorraine at the age of 18, she discovered the stock market there. She really liked managing clients’s life savings plans : “ I really got into it At the same time, she is the representative of the CFDT unions and an advisor to the industrial court : “ I am involved in protecting the rights of employees. It was a lot of work, merging files, sessions, reports, but it was good Remaining redundant when the bank was taken over, Michou spends a capacity on transportation to get into her brother’s company.

By heart, she was only 16 when she met Charles at the pool. But he is 18 years old and has to do military service, then travels a lot for his job. They end up finding themselves in the middle of a group of friends that Micheline follows everywhere, and they are still together.

In the village of Alsace where they settled, she worked for a lighting installation company. She meets people who know Gruissan and talks to her about a house for sale, within his means, in the Lagunes du soleil in Ayguades. Charles and Micheline retire at the same time. They settle there, but it is a resting place, a little too narrow to spend all their lives there. They are looking for a bigger one, there or in Leucate, but everything is overpriced. They end up finding a house of their choice in Embres where they put their suitcases 10 years ago.

Michou is a member of Gruissan’s ASLC (cat sterilization and cat freedom) association and is one of Castelmaure’s friends, especially with Dominique and Peter, where she participates in walks, meals and dance evenings. “ I used to do yoga for a while, but it seems to me that it is becoming very difficult “.

Her musical tastes lead her to film music taken from classics with modern arrangements and her literary tastes to detective novels.

She has a passion for painting, in acrylic or oil, and most recently, for pouring (abstract art made with a liquid paint deposited on the canvas that we tempt to get the interpretation we want).

Michou is the correspondent for The Independent and Midi Libre for 2 years, at the request of the deputy mayor who is a friend.

It offers a recipe for fish in noodles, light, easy and delicious.

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Ingredients per person: fillets of fish oil (salmon, cod, halibut), a scallop shell, a square of cream cheese with garlic, minced garlic, a few slices of fresh tomatoes, a tablespoon of fresh cream thick, a little salt.

Place the pieces of fish fillets in a pyramid in the center of the aluminum foil, circle the tomato slices, top with the square of cheese, cream and scallop, grate or grate the garlic on top, lightly salt.
Bake at 180 ° for 20 minutes. You can also place the fish directly in the pan, without foil and cook it at 150-160 °. Serve with rice, a small salad and a dry white wine.

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