Cyril Lignac reveals his balanced and delicious breakfast recipe

For this week, Cyril Lignac reveals his balanced and not too expensive breakfast recipe. “It’s one of my favorite meals,” says the chef, who recommends delicious breakfasts “from time to time.”

ABOUT breakfast of the weekend, an American coffee, a carrot juice, orange and ginger. Toast a slice of bread the day before. CUTTING a lawyer sliced ​​or toasted with a fork, along with lemon and Piper Espelette. Spread over bread and on top add a soft boiled egg or a boiled egg. “When I’m a little lazy, I make a fried egg differently,” explains the chef. You can add a pastry this morning.

You can also To make pancakes and you do not need to let your dough rest, as Cyril Lignac explained to La Chandeleur on February 2nd.
Do you have any questions about Cyril Lignac? An idea for a recipe? React to the comments of this post, the chef will reply to you in his column every morning at 08:55.

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