Cyril Lignac’s Tips for a Successful Flavored Fish Pancake

Fish ceviche is a very fashionable dish at the moment. This dish from Peru is called “ceviche” because it consists ofa fish cube that is between 1 cm and 1.5 cm on one side. When we are going to marinate the fish, the size of the piece is very important. “If the fish is too small, it will be overcooked. And if it is too large, it will be too raw and not seasoned enough,” says chef Cyril Lignac.

To accompany your fish jar, you need to make a “tiger leche”. To prepare this delicious and tasty sauce, follow these instructions :

– Use 2 onions.
– Prepare a celery stalk.
– Choose a small bird pepper.
– Add bunches of coriander and ginger.
– Take a handful of coarse salt.
– Add 100 gr of fish pieces.
– Cover with lime juice before marinating.
– Then pass this sauce through a sieve.
– Add coconut milk or a little lime.
– Put in a small bowl the pieces of seafood and the meat juice which is this very tasty juice.
– Add small corn seeds.
– Add some cooked sweet potatoes, avocado pieces and cucumber.

“To make the sauce, let it marinate for a short day. This way after we filter all of it and add a little coconut milk to soothe things because it is still very young and spicy “, advises Cyril Lignac. After this step, let it marinate for 5-10 minutes “so that it does not get too busy”, notes the chef.

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