Healthy coke, recipe with 6 million views

Great ingredient to turn sparkling water into healthy coke? Balsamic vinegar and drive the tickers crazy!

Coca-Cola is a world-famous drink, but even without sugar it is not recommended to drink it all day. Of course, the Tik Tok network and its food hackers who transform everything and everything into unstoppable recipes, have hit this level again!

Last Monday, tattoo artist Amanda Jones, known for her healthy recipes, posted a video explaining how she got “Healthy Coca-Cola”. Within a few hours, his recipe had already been distributed by 500,000 users. Today, the hashtag #healthycoke collects over 5.5 million views and the #healthycokechallenge over 1 million!

In fact, in her video, Amanda Jones (@mandyvjones) combines balsamic vinegar, guava-flavored La Croix seltzer water and lots of ice. She says she learned this “healthy alternative to Coca-Cola” from her Pilates instructor. ” This is not a joke“, She says in her video. ” It tastes like cola, and you would think I’m crazy. »

@mandyvjones @LaCroix Sparkling water ♬ original sound – Amanda Jones

You can replace seltzer water with a plain sparkling water, but the guava flavor definitely adds a plus to this “recipe”. Want to try this drink that is driving networks crazy? Simply use a 33 cl box of flavored sparkling water, add two tablespoons of good balsamic vinegar and add plenty of ice cubes. This is all !

Disgusting? Surprisingly not …

Sabrina Weiss from People Magazine tested it: “The combination of seltzer water and balsamic vinegar visually resembles a Coca-Cola. It’s nice and bubbly, and quite sweet, and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, which was extremely complex. “I could not bear to add two whole spoons of vinegar, as some recipes suggest, which meant that the mixture was still light in flavor while maintaining Topo Chico’s strong bloating.”

Except there is a “but” … “The sharp notes of vinegar do not come close to the strange chemical aromas of America’s favorite soda” and above all, the aroma is not easy to tame on a daily basis: “Nobody he does not want their drink to smell like a bottle of salad dressing, and this combination is reminiscent of the salad dressing, not the spicy, slightly fruity aroma that everyone associates with Coca-Cola. ”

Another tick is more conciliatory: “The sweetness of balsamic vinegar mimics the taste of cola. There is also some fruit. Does it taste like head? Not really. And the aroma gives the salad dressing much more than cola. The taste is more like a half-fruit soda, and I trust it to bubbles in sparkling water… ”

But in the end, one wonders how a trick like this can excite so many crowds… Mentioning cola, a drink so consumed, certainly has nothing to do with it. It also makes a lot of people laugh

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