How to prepare an English breakfast?

English breakfast fan, British breakfast meal? Here’s how to make a delicious meal as soon as you wake up.

English breakfast

English breakfast basics

Eat salty in the morning in the morning it is very healthy. In fact, it allows you to make a well-balanced meal in order to effectively nourish your body. In addition, it forces you to wake up well once you wake up: You should to cook and besides eating salt awakens the body well. Your body will feel like it is already noon!

Come on, do not be afraid to cook in the morning, it is good and delicious. Here’s what you can put in yours English breakfast :

  • A part of white beans in sweet tomato sauce, preferably heated in a saucepan. In trade, these beans are precisely the English “beans” canned in the world’s food department.
  • of grilled sausages in the pan: Cumberlands, of English origin, are preferred for an English holiday. If you do not have one, you can use knakis or small knaks from Alsace.
  • Some slices of ham fried.
  • of egg fried, salt and pepper. It is best to make them slightly liquid but golden down. You can add chopped parsley to it. If you want, you can cook them fried or boiled.
  • from toasted bread and coated with butter Half-salt butter.

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What ingredients should I add to my dish?

English breakfast

These are the main ingredients of English breakfast. Of course, he is not obliged to put all these elements. If you are a vegetarian, you can avoid sausage, bacon and eggs. Instead (or not for that matter), you can add these other ingredients:

  • of TOMATO plain cherries or fried cherry tomatoes.
  • Mushrooms plain or fried.
  • Why not peppers.

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