How to use a whole chicken from A to Z?

Whole chicken is one of our favorite dishes, we like to eat it with potatoes or mashed potatoes. However, when you cook it and wait for it, you tend to waste this wonderful ingredient. Discover our recipes and tips for cooking your whole chicken from A to Z.

Chicken is a meat that has many advantages! Economic, makes realization possible low cost recipes. It is also of “lean meat”, we also talk about white meat, which has a low fat concentration. Finally, the environmental impact of poultry farms is lower than that of livestock. To successfully cook roast chicken, there are some simple tricks, such as taking it out two hours in advance, flipping it halfway through cooking, washing well with its juices … But it can also be used complete to prepare some recipes in. weeks, a bit on the principle of group cooking, with the added bonus of an anti-waste approach!

Recipes for using chicken breast

Breast is often the favorite part of chicken! And for good reason, the fillets are soft and can be easily used in all kinds of recipes: in the baked version with bread, in curry, in barbecue …
First, here are some simple ideas for weekend nights:

For those who are really hungry, we have many recipe ideas:

Recipes for the use of the thighs

Sometimes you are not sure what to do with that piece of chicken. You can simply prepare them in the oven, but you can also use them to cook a delicious tagine! This method of cooking allows tender meat to detach almost on its own and does not dry out the meat. We have some recipes to enjoy.

And if you are looking for other ideas to prepare your thighs, we still have some ideas in stock:

Recipes for the use of the corpse

The carcass is often a part that is overlooked in chicken, and that is a shame! This allows you to prepare delicious recipes at a lower cost. You can use it to make soup or broth. Just put it in a pot or large saucepan with onions, carrots, leeks and place cold water at altitude. For more flavor, consider adding a garnish bouquet and one or two cloves. Let simmer for an hour. You can drain the soup or. enjoy it simply as soup by removing the lifeless body. You can also prepare a soup to make an Asian or Thai soup and thus replace your usual cube.

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