Jean-François Piège for “Zero meat zero fish”

Are you drawn to Jean-François Piège’s non-fat cooking book?
Discover 50 new vegetarian recipes in this new book that will soon be essential for you!
Jean-François Piège takes you to his personal kitchen and offers you 50 recipes without meat or fish, but above all not without taste! it
has decided to reject all the brilliant classics of French cuisine in vegetarian sauce, to develop unique spices, to combine astonishing ingredients and gives you here the fruit of her step-by-step illustrated research.

Recipes for every day and all tastes, fast and original!

Examples of recipes:

Bolognese tomato

Byrek bariu

Parsley burgundy

Stuffed tomatoes

Like a sea mussel

Zero meat zero fishWas published by Hachette Pratique.

+ Freddy Thiburceco-founder and director of “ to eat sensibly », A company to help food players and territories renew, transform or reinvent themselves.

Original soundtrack by Jean-François Piège

  • 1987 Vanessa Paradis “Joe the Taxi”
  • 1991 “Another World” Phone
  • 2011 Daft Punk “Get fat”
  • 2016 Clara Luciani “Breathe again”

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