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Nothing goes beyond cooking to warm the mood.

The full asparagus season should be over soon, well, normally – we do not know very well, with this global warming that is disrupting the order of nature. To replace roasted or steamed asparagus, served with a mousseline or a gribiche sauce, or even accommodated in risotto, fried in a pan or in soup, we prepare this Sunday in a harissa marinade. It is in the work of Sabrina Ghayour, persiane (1), that we discovered this delightful and ultra simple recipe, about which its author writes: “Married to the spicy haris and the acidic note of lemon, [l’asperge] makes a perfect accompaniment to grilled meat, fish or halloumi. ”

For 2 people you will need: 2 tablespoons. olive oil ; 2 tablespoons of harissa; 1 tablespoon liquid honey; skin and juice of 1 lemon; 2 generous pinch of salt; 250 g of prepared green asparagus.

In a bowl mix the olive oil, harissa, honey, lemon juice and zest and fleur de sel. Beat vigorously to dissolve the honey. In a shallow bowl arrange the asparagus and pour the marinade over it. Cover with cling film (or an ecological alternative) and let it rest, at room temperature, for thirty minutes to an hour.

Preheat a cast iron grill or large skillet over medium heat; cook the asparagus for eight to ten minutes, turning several times. Serve warm, or cold if you want to add them to a salad.

(1) Ed. Hachette Kitchen, 2016.

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