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Proverb of “the most important meal is breakfast“It’s not completely false. Especially in bodybuilding, where it’s absolutely essential to fix it well!

The practice of bodybuilding can only be done effectively if a diet, nutrition and rest plan is well connected around the sport. You only spend about an hour in training, and 23:00 outside … so it is at these 23:00 that you have to work.

Sports breakfast in bodybuilding: the goal determines the foods

Before we talk about breakfast content, it is important to know a few things. For example, Icatabolic state into which your body enters when it lacks nutrientsi.e. not enough to nourish the muscles and consequently … does not repair them. And a muscle that is not repaired absolutely will not grow = so you reach a plateau in bodybuilding.

To help the body avoid the catabolic state, but be forever IN an anabolic state (where the body has what it needs in sufficient quantities and builds muscle), there are several methods:

  • Eat more meals, up to 6 meals a day every 2.5 hours
  • Eat healthy and rich foods between meals : almonds, fruit, Greek yogurt, etc.
  • Get protein and calorie shakes (mass beneficiaries, whey …) in the highlights of the day
  • Add other nutritional supplements in his meals

But these tips never replace the importance of a breakfast. Especially if you go to the room in the morning or evening: In either case, your body will need a lot of nutrients and if you do not give them … performance will be poor, also muscle gain.

In order to gain mass or during a cut, it is therefore highly undesirable to skip a meal or not optimize it as much as possible. Your organization has specific needswe detail them in this article!


4 essential nutrients for breakfast

When you wake up, there is a 99% chance that your body is in the catabolic state we just talked about earlier. Therefore it lacks nutrients and the body is not able to meet all the requirements. muscles, kidneys or pancreas (all of these play a very important role in muscle synthesis, fat loss and blood sugar regulation).

In short, the first meal of the day should be packed for breakfast. This requires 4 essential nutrients:

  1. liquids : To rehydrate you, a large glass of water is best. In terms of taste, we will choose a 100% cut fruit juice with a little fresh water, a tea or a coffee. In any case, make sure you still have about 33 cl of water, it is easy to get and will do you good.
  2. proteins : the famous proteins we want here in sufficient quantities, from cottage cheese, eggs, milk or nuts. There are also hundreds of protein sprinkles / bars / chocolates and it can be a good solution, but a little expensive and very elaborate.
  3. carbohydrates : Carbohydrates, if possible slow down, give you energy and help you with your morning effort. Whole grains like oats are enough, but be careful not to overload. Of course the feeling of satiety is best for rich carbohydrates, but so is calorie intake. Beware of fast sugar, which will give you a “crash” quickly and will strain your muscles.
  4. lipid : of course, we look for healthy fats like nuts, cottage cheese, avocado (if you make a breakfast with eggs, avocado and wholemeal bread for example) … Some people like to swallow a tablespoon of fish oil for omega-3!

Many sports meal ideas and recipes exist online, and instead of giving you another list that will not fit your consumption habits and that will make you double your shopping budget, the goal here is t ‘we give you some keys for optimize sports nutrition andachieving your goals.

And it starts, like when you do a program, setting the exact goal: weight loss? Fat loss but weight gain? lean fat looking for mass?Total or targeted muscle growth? Mobility? In short, it is up to you to ask yourself the question!


Food to lose weight, dry or simple diet

Now is the time to prepare your meal. Some ideas have already been presented above, but here are other healthy and balanced compositions when it comes toweight loss.

Avoid quickly but hard-to-lose bonus calories ingested:

  • Choose a full bowl which will help to bring a real conclusion to the meal. A fruit cut into pieces (or two fruits), milk with oats and some nuts. Add a little honey to taste and lots of water to make you feel like you ate well!
  • Avoid fast sugar at all costs (bars, sprays)commercial cereals or other sweets: only raise blood sugar without bringing satiety to the body. And they are caloric to desire ! Instead, look for fruit for glucose and small chocolate cravings should be satisfied with a square of dark chocolate> 80%.
  • One technique often used to lose weight is of intermittent fasting. Therefore, it may be a good idea to eat breakfast later (if you do not do weight training) and tighten it with other meals to spend 16 hours a day without eating, where your body will burn fat for it. worked.

Note that all of this only applies if you are not looking to gain mass or weight, but to lose it or teach your body how to make good use of its reserves.

The best balanced breakfast to go to the gym and gain muscle

Conversely, if you want to gain mass and size, you have no choice: eat more calories. An excess of calories is neededso we are generous with portions of healthy foods and aim to have protein in every meal.

In the morning everything goes as long as it’s good food: oats, milk, dark chocolate, almonds and nuts, milk, fromage blanc, fruit, eggs if you like, avocado, wholemeal bread. count your macros in advance and understand what your “TDEE” is (total daily energy costs– total energy expended per day) and add at least 200 calories.

In most cases, this enables a good, generous and complete breakfast, but the rest of the meals are just as important as any snack! In conclusion, you will realize that it is important to give your body everything it needs as soon as you wake up.

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