New Caledonian Recipes: Poingo banana vaisi

What do New Caledonians cook? Overview of recipes based on local products. A vaïsi recipe that Kolia has revised by adding her personal touch, that of adding poingo bananas.

Vaïsi is a Wallisian dessert made from cassava flour (or tapioca) and coconut milk. Kolia will make this recipe inherited from her late father, whose specialty it was, a recipe to which she will add roasted poingo bananas.

the poingo banana is a cross between bananas from Africa and Asia. Smaller and more fleshy than the Wiliam banana better known as the “dessert banana”. Poingo bananas are called in different ways depending on the region where they are located, so they can be called flour bananas, yellow bananas, plantain bananas or pork bananas.

Slightly sweet, it can be cooked in several ways, like fried, boiled or baked in the oven and goes very well with a dish of meat, fish or poultry. In New Caledonia, can be found in bougna, the traditional dish of the country. Most often eaten roasted.

  • 2 ripe poingo bananas
  • 1 packet of tapioke flour
  • 3 cans of coconut milk
  • 3 packets of vanilla sugar
  • 80 g white sugar
  1. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice
  2. Add the tapioca flour
  3. Add hot water and stir
  4. Add the bag of vanilla sugar and mix
  5. Put the white sugar in a casserole, let it fry then gently pour the coconut milk
  6. Tapioca balls mixed with poingo banana add by hand to the caramel preparation – coconut milk
  7. Add a glass of water, stir and leave on medium heat for about 15 minutes and then turn off

Vaisi is ready to be enjoyed.

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