occupied by “congee”, “Red Alert” breakfast

The red panda, the star of the latest Pixar “Red Alert”, does not feed only on bamboo leaves. Try this beautifully decorated rice porridge, also called “congee”, an authentic Chinese breakfast.

Director Domee Shi had inevitably lured us into it Bao, his short film produced in 2018, which made us follow the adventures of a delicious little croissant a little too evaporated. On top of Red Alert, available only at Disney + without going through the cinema box, she also shows off her taste for baos, at the table of young Meilin Lee (call her Mei, like everyone else), the movie heroine. .

It all starts well, though, for Mei, 13, a college student in Toronto where she excels in math, and also has a group of girlfriends who are big fans of boy bands like her. The only child, she is petted by her father (who invents delicious Chinese dishes) and is very much in love with Ming, her mother, to whom actress Sandra Oh gives her voice. The problem: one fine morning, she no longer wakes up seemingly like a teenager, but looks like a big, hairy, cursed red panda. She then discovers the family curse that has hit her family women in her teens since her predecessor Sun Yee. With every strong emotion, it metamorphoses … Cute, but heavy and aromatic, what to do with the red panda that we each have inside?

Cannes Film Festival
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