on this special day, fish-based recipe ideas!

Repetition of Friday 1 April 2022

– Updated

Do you tend to eat it in restaurants? How to cook fish? What recipes to cook at home?

Fish in all sauces!
Fish in all sauces! © Radio France
annie le flouter

On this April 1st, it is fish day in France Buy Besançon!
Presenter Romain AMBRO found himself alone in the broadcast.
Shortly before returning to the studio, he learned that the planned conductor was ill and lying in bed!

No matter, the people of Franche-Comté did not hesitate to pick up their phones to share their fish-based recipes:

  • terrina of fish
  • flan fish
  • salmon pie
  • salmon / garlic and croque-monsieur herb
  • toned pies

Simple and practical recipes: something to enjoy without spending much time in the kitchen!

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