Original ideas for skewer recipes

When it comes to barbecued, some great classics are de rigueur. Merguez sausages, chips and pasta salads are on every table when the good weather returns. If these invincibles gain the support of all, cooking over charcoal gives the opportunity to try new flavors. of skewer are particularly suitable for experiments because they are very easy to prepare yourself. Lovers of sweets and delicacies, for example, will insert pieces of peach or apricot between the meat cubes to add a touch of sweetness. Duck breast appreciates this type of mating, but so does pork and chicken. We do not think much about it, but fish and seafood can also be cooked on the barbecue: they will do original skewers and light, perfect when the temperature rises. At the end, finish the meal with roasted fruit skewers, to accompany a caramel sauce or a spoonful of ice cream!

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