Original recipe with apricots – Marie Claire

Its high season stretching from June to August: apricot is the fruit of summer! Appearing almost 5000 years ago, this orange, round, fluffy and generous fruit with its sun-drenched flesh now has a host of varieties. However, we tend to always prepare it the same way: cake, jam, klafoutis … To get out of the way beaten, impress your loved ones and cook the apricots in another waytake a look at our choice of original recipes.

You will be advised first prepare the apricot both raw and cooked or dried. You should also know that its flavors are also available in a delicious version. To add sweetness and flavor to your dishes, do not hesitate cook your apricots with meatballs like rabbit, pork or duck that go well with sweet and tasty pairs. This wedding will give you wonderful skewers for your grills! On the sweet side, do not hesitate to experiment with different textures with your apricots: donut, coulis, jelly, gazpacho … All blows are allowed!

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