Our best recipes inspired by the Mediterranean

Consisting mainly of fresh fish, legumes, various vegetables, nuts and olive oil, Mediterranean cuisine is valued worldwide for its health benefits. Make your tastes travel, by cooking one of our best recipes inspired by the Mediterranean!

1. Roast lamb with sweetened olives and lemon

All Mediterranean flavors are found in this boiled lamb with olives and sweetened lemon. This favorite dish can be served with a labne flavored with maple syrup.

Recipe: Roast lamb with olives and sweetened lemon


2. Seafood paella

There are as many paella recipes as grandma in Spain! Easy to make, this Mediterranean-inspired recipe features fresh seafood, such as mussels, shrimp and squid.

Recipe: Seafood paella


3. Vegetarian turnover

Usually cooked with roasted chicken, tempeh, a fermented soy noodle, can also be tossed over. This Greek sandwich can also be topped with a chicory sauce with chips and corn.

Recipe: Vegetarian turnover


4. Fish papillote and bell pepper

To accompany any white fish, you can prepare a pepper papillote, which will be cooked slowly on the BBQ grills to release all the flavors.

Recipe: Fish and bell pepper in papillote


5. Provencal roasted chicken

The secret to making this Mediterranean-inspired recipe a success is to cook it slowly so that the aroma of tomatoes, olives and garlic is dispersed. Provençal chicken à la can be served on fresh pasta.

Recipe: Roasted Provencal chicken


6. Spanakopita with spinach and slices

Spanakopita is a sulfur dough, which originates in Greece. Most often, a filling of spinach and slices is thrown over it. In less than an hour you will get about thirty spanakonita.

Recipe: Spanakopita with spinach and slices


7. Grilled salmon and Mediterranean vegetables

This healthy grilled salmon recipe has a structure similar to that of gravlax. It is served with a variety of Mediterranean vegetables, such as eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and black olives.

Recipe: Grilled salmon and Mediterranean vegetables


8. Warm pasta with smoked salmon and melted slices

This Mediterranean-inspired espresso recipe is ready in minutes. It is made with smoked salmon, fresh herbs, olive oil and sliced ​​cheese.

Recipe: Warm pasta with smoked salmon, skin and melted slices


9. Greek pig medallions

This summer recipe shows the best ingredients from Greece, including the addition of olive oil, lemon peel, garlic and oregano. Pork fillet can be served with a fresh tomato salad.

Recipe: Greek pig medals


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