Portraits of leaders. Stéphane Carrade, Southwest at heart

Originally from Gascony, Stéphane Carrade runs the kitchens of Ha (a) zatza in Arcachon, a former internationally renowned hotel, reopened a few years ago by Sophie and William Techoueyres (former professional rugby player).

The ambition was to return the country to its former glory, adding the Philippe Starck touch. Thanks to an open kitchen, you can talk to Stéphane, an enthusiastic friend, with absolute kindness, generous in his dishes and who has followed a rich path.

It all started with his brilliant grandmother from the cordon bought, then after a classic training, stay in London, military service in Reunion where he met his wife, return to France in Normandy, move to Belgium, stop in Tours and a long vacation in home. in Jurançon, where he has already become a double star and where he runs several institutions. The Grand Hotel de Bordeaux calls it and is now in Skiff Club, the hotel restaurant.

Stéphane Carrade has always been very inventive in his creations. Local products from the southwest, a touch of exoticism, sustainable, waste-free cuisine, which also gave it a Michelin green star, and above all fresh, very fresh products, like the sea carp it offers in the recipe on the show. . She was fished the same morning, by her friend Délia, on the boat Le Vieux Jojo.

Sea buckthorn with marigold oil and flower corners, a creation by Stéphane Carrade at the foot of the Pyla dune.  (HA (A) ITZA)

sea ​​carp
To have marigold oil, place the grape seed oil and marigold in a vacuum bag and cook on steam at 80 ° C for 2 hours. Allow to cool.
Bone and dry the carp. Season with fine salt. Gather two fillets of the same fish head to tail and press (about 4 hours). Once glued, place in a vacuum bag with marigold oil and simmer at 42 ° C for 20 minutes.

Rich sauce
Cook the mullet heads. Collect cooking liquids. Reduce until caramelized and thickened with mullet liver.

boletus lulesh
Wash the corners of the flowers and cut into slices. Marinate with argan oil and myrrh (rice vinegar).

On a flat plate place the sauce in a circle (like tomato sauce on pizza), place the carp. At the time of serving, the fish should be at room temperature and cut into a rectangle.
Add fleur de sel, pepper and some very finely chopped herbs (inule, samphir and soda).
Add strawberries or small raspberries.
Add slices of raw and marinated porcini mushrooms.
Put some sapphire and glass stalks.

Full interview with S. Carrade

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