Prepare breakfast to finally have time for breakfast

Don’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning during the week? Between work and other obligations to keep you busy, it is not always easy to find time for yourself at the beginning of the day … However breakfast is the most important meal of the day when taken properly. Do you know “Breakfast Preparation”? Imported from the Anglo-Saxon countries, this technique, similar to group cooking, consists simply of preparing breakfast in advance.

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Breakfast: the engine of your day

Too often we forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the body with a quarter of the energy needed for the day. By neglecting this important step, you are exposing yourself to attacks of hypoglycemia, concentration problems, feelings of fatigue, and anxiety.

Starting the day with energy in the body will give you an edge for the success of your activities and especially for your daily well-being. By preparing your breakfast in the evening or on the weekend, you will save a considerable amount of time once you wake up. You will be able to get a few extra minutes of sleep, you may even have time to do a little yoga session or even breathe fresh air in your neighborhood to start your day in better shape than ever!

How does it happen? Before you start, just ask yourself a few questions: what are the busiest days of my week? How many services should I plan? Once you have answered all these questions, then you can choose your menu for the week. To maximize your time and avoid losses, we will favor the same ingredient base. If you do not use all the bread and fruits, you can freeze them and take them out the day before to eat them the next day.

Expect some upstream preparations and daily meals. Healthy ingredients for a balanced breakfast to eat with the whole family or why not at work. Fruit salads, muesli, bread, grapefruit juice (which has excellent antioxidant power) and red fruit smoothies are unlimited! Innovate and have fun! Here are three ideas for healthy and easy breakfast to prepare.


It’s a healthy and economical breakfast star. To make your own porridge, place your oats in a bowl and add the milk of your choice (soy, almonds, hazelnuts, …). Oats are rich in fiber and amino acids. Perfect for good digestion and always above blood sugar. You can decorate your porridge with fruits, peanuts, etc.

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Smoothies are drinks that you can create with your blender by mixing milk, ice cubes and fruit to your liking. They are antioxidants, invigorating and detoxifying at the same time. Very cheap, excellent in taste and health!

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A slice full of scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs for breakfast are a protein boost. Simply highlight a slice of bread to begin with. Prepare your “scrambled” eggs and enjoy!

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