Recipe. David Gallienne in Fécamp for a gourmet breakfast

This week, “Norman Meetings Taste” gives place to oven and pastry pride! Chef David Gallienne

This week star chef David Gallienne left his kitchens for Fécamp in the Seine-Maritime to meet Elodie, a burgundy who chose Normandy, its rocks and sea air to live by her passion: baking.

Before he gets to work, Elodie offers David a trip to Cape Fagnet. It is the highest point of the Alabaster Coast and it is here that Elodie comes regularly to practice photography, her second passion.

Here the view is wonderful, we dominate the city of Fécamp.

After this breath of fresh air, head to Elodie’s oven. We quickly realize that his building located in Fécamp city center has little to do with a traditional bakery. His credo? Home, recipes from elsewhere, raw materials from the short circuit.

Here everything is made by yourself and with local products. All raw materials come from Normandy within a 30 km radius of Fécamp. In addition, she will ask David to get organic eggs from Guillaume, one of its producers.

What also stands out in this atypical oven is the lack of counter and window. Here, all of Elodie’s creations (bread, cakes, buns, etc.) are simply placed on a friendly table where everyone can eat with their eyes.

Sweets that require travel and discovery. Among his many specialties are his recipes for small croissant of St. Lucia and the gingerbread that Elodie has decided to share with our Michelin star chef from Normandy.

But in the oven, we welcome customers during the day, but cook at night. That is why the meeting is scheduled for the next day at 4 o’clock in the morning in front of the bakery for David to prepare this gourmet breakfast.

They have. The taste of Norman meetings is Saturday 19 March 2022 at 11:30 in France 3 Normandy or in the review below.
Directed by: Killian Mourcou

To make our ten small Saint Lucia buns, we need:

  • 450 gr flour
  • 3 fresh eggs
  • 180 g of semi-salted butter
  • 13.5 cl milk
  • Some saffron pistils
  • 65 g sugar
  • 15 g bread yeast
  • 10 g of salt

In a bowl, toss the flour, milk, saffron, salt, sugar, yeast, and eggs.
Boil everything in a food processor for 20 minutes, then cut the butter into pieces and add to the dough. Boil again for 10 minutes.
Let it rest for 1 hour before putting it in the fridge overnight.
The next day, knead the dough and shape each piece into an S shape.
Let rest for 30 minutes then bake at 180 ° for 15 minutes.

video duration: 01 min 24

Recipes for small razors by Saint Lucia by Elodie

© Taste of Normandy meetings

After the toil, comfort! And what could be better than meeting friends at the foot of the Fécamp cliffs to enjoy this beautiful gourmet basket as our friends do in this episode to be found on review

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