Recipe ideas for an original breakfast

An orange juice, a coffee, toast and jam croissant: French breakfast has risen to the rank of institution! However, on a daily basis, this iconic quartet can be boring (and not the most balanced). So to change the pleasures and the food intake, dig into ours Recipe for an original breakfast. Gather protein by adding eggs or meat to the menu, e.g. with our Nordic roast beef or croque-madame spinach sandwiches. Get inspired by the cuisines of other countries by preparing a muffin with eggs, biscuits or pancakes to travel on as soon as you wake up. Those who have a dessert will love our fun and colorful French toast toppings, while those in a hurry will head to the mug cake, ready in a few minutes. And for those who can not do without their breakfast sandwiches, switch to classic strawberry jelly with melon, watermelon, kiwi or even pumpkin jam. So many gourmet ideas that will help you get out of bed!

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