These 3 breakfast menus can save you the day

Food has a central role in fatigue. Getty Images

Barely got up and already tired. Every morning, the observation is the same. The key to correcting this, among other things, can be hidden in the contents of the breakfast plate. Demonstration.

If some agree that waking up is rarely smooth and painless, some are even more difficult than others and it just so happens that once you get out of bed, you already feel tired. , without energy. If the sensation arises from many factors, the contents of the breakfast can correct the situation. Jeremy Gorskie (1), the nutritionist who shares his dietary tips on his Instagram account @menthebanane, reminds us: “Food plays a central role in fatigue. Thanks to our metabolism, we are able to transform what we get – proteins, lipids and carbohydrates present in food – into energy.

To do well, and in addition to making sure you have these three foods on your plate, you need to make sure you eat tyrosine-rich foods (such as eggs, bananas, salmon and cottage cheese) in the morning. amino acid precursor of dopamine, stimulator of motivation and vitality “, informs dietologist. In addition, tryptophan (present in dairy products, eggs or dark chocolate) and the precursor of serotonin (the hormone of happiness), is important “to fight against nervous fatigue”. Here are three suggestions for breakfast menus; for sweet and savory beaks or smoothie lovers.

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Sweet wish

On a slice of toast, add a teaspoon of peanut butter, half a banana and a pinch of cinnamon. “Rich in tryptophan, bananas help fight stress, while spices help regulate blood sugar.blood sugar level, editor note) and thus avoid a hypoglycemic peak “, which will make us hungry, explains Jérémy Gorskie. As for the type of bread, it can be white or wholemeal, here it does not matter, as its glycemic index will decrease thanks to other ingredients in the menu.

To accompany this sweet breakfast, you can also eat skyr, a yogurt of Icelandic origin which has the “peculiarity of being rich in protein and calcium, while having little fat”, explains the dietitian. Finally, you are free to choose the drink you enjoy.

Desire to salt

Add to a slice of toasted half avocado and one or two slices of smoked salmon. Avocado, rich in fiber and phytosterol, increases satiety and fights cholesterol. Smoked salmon contains omega 3, beneficial for concentration and good cardiovascular function. “Its proteins also guarantee a feeling of satiety and maintain muscle mass.” Be careful, however, to choose it carefully, due to the possible presence of heavy metals. You can also replace it with an egg, also rich in protein and omega 3.

Finally, the dietitian suggests adding pepper or paprika to his toast. “Spices are mines of antioxidants to fight oxidative stress, but also to provide flavor and pleasure, essential for satiety,” he says.

If you want to change from traditional coffee, you can choose chicory. This drink is rich in prebiotics, essential for the good health of its intestinal flora. “95% of serotonin is produced in the intestine, so it must be well nourished,” comments the professional.

You like a smoothie

In a blender, mix a handful of spinach leaves, half a banana, half a mango, a teaspoon of peanut butter and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. Finally add a vegetable drink and adjust the amount according to the desired structure. These ingredients, in addition to helping reduce fatigue, will “make the drink much more satisfying than a simple fruit smoothie,” concludes the dietitian.

(1) Jeremy Gorskie is the author of From head to toe – chronicles and tips from a liberated eaterto be published by First Editions in mid-May.


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