Top Chef – “Are they serious?”, “Nervous”, “I believe in it means”: Louise’s zero plate does not convince you

The quarterfinal is played on June 1 and the candidate is still talking about it on social networks.

The quarterfinal is played on June 1 and the candidate is still talking about it on social networks.

This Wednesday, June 1st, the Top Chef quarterfinal is broadcast on TF1. The final candidates face their culinary qualities to reach the semifinals and try to win the place of the winner of the 13th season of the spectacle. From the beginning, Louise has not been unanimous with viewers. This Wednesday evening, she gets it back for her grade. Fortunately, his defenders are present.

It is clear that Louise Bourrat’s kitchen is not for everyone’s taste. As for the professionals of the show, the candidate is satisfied after reaching the quarterfinals. But on the part of the viewers, this is not necessarily so. In fact, this Wednesday, June 1, the quarterfinals of season 13 of Top Chef are broadcast. Three candidates will compete for two places in the semifinals next week and one of them will be eliminated. So it remains Louise, Pascal and Sébastien who will try to win each of the events.

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For the first rehearsal of the spectacle, the candidates have to face the harsh opinions of the Michelin guide inspectors. Their challenge: to prepare their signature dish. To stand out, Louise decides to make a fish monk site cooked in vegetable juice. A dish she claims “zero residue” after deciding not to fill her trash and recycle each of the ingredients in order to be useful, including vegetable peels. However, according to internet users, this dish is not totally eco-responsible … on the contrary. This is not the first time Twitter posters have expressed their displeasure with Louise. This June 1st passes young under their particularly harsh criticism.

His defenders in the meeting

Thankfully the fans of the candidate do not let her be criticized for free. According to them, the candidate, sometimes praised, sometimes severely criticized, does not deserve this outburst of hatred. In fact, Louise, 26, had no problem convincing the various juries throughout this season. A talent therefore visible and deserved victory, according to internet users.

Finally, the news coming directly from Lisbon is the big winner of this first event. That’s why she directly wins her ticket to the finale of the cooking show … without offending her critics.

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