Toyota Corolla GR Morizo ​​’Edition, even crazier! But…

Lighter, stiffer, more torque, this Morizo ​​Edition is the lowest Toyota Corolla! Unfortunately, there is a major drawback… That of being a limited series reserved for the Japanese market!

1Well April 2022, after months of long mouth, Toyota finally removes the veil on GR Corolla! The Japanese brand implements its latest GR Yaris recipe in compact, in addition to the valve! Under the hood hides the same 1.6-liter turbo with 3-cylinder mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox and 4-wheel GR Four system that can deliver only 70% of power on the rear axle. Just a small change with Yaris, Corolla develops 304 hp and 370 Nm of torque! Except there is a big BUT!

No, April Fool’s Day is not a joke

This GR Corolla unfortunately has one major drawback: Toyota announces that it is not sold in Europe! One can believe in a famous fish given the rather special date chosen by the brand to introduce its model. But no, GR Corolla is not for us. The pill was already hard to swallow in April, and today Toyota is making fun of us even more!

The latest Corolla GR!

The brand has just been introduced Morizo ​​edition, understand the latest! The improvements are numerous. It saves 30 kg on scales by getting rid of the rear seat. The latter is replaced by an impressive strip to increase the stiffness of the whole. Torque ranges from 370 to 400 Nm and the Japanese are now dressed Michelin polished semi-smooth tires. Not forgetting the specific adjustments made to the box as well as the suspensions. Suffice it to say he has to move!

A consolation prize …

Like the “classic” Corolla GR, this special edition will not reach the Old Continent. Worse, it is only reserved for the Japanese market! Fortunately, you can always feel comfortable behind the wheel of the GR Yaris, the Corolla’s smaller twin. We tell you this, but you still have to get a copy dorë

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