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Not counted for butter by Julien Bil

The profession of journalist gives us great experiences sometimes even a little unusual. Who would have thought that one day I would become a butter eater? This Wednesday, the Province of Luxembourg hosted the 3rd edition of its competition for the best raw dairy farm butter, dedicated this year to salted butter from nine farms. Does that make you smile? Be well aware that judging the quality of nine butter lumps can not be improvised!

There were about ten of us to compose this jury. Different tasting and appreciation criteria appeared before us. In such a competition, some criteria are really taken into account, such as external presentation. The butter is really put under the magnifying glass: the general appearance, the coloring, is it homogeneous or does it have a crust, marble, porous appearance … Its “spread” is also analyzed: Is it very strong and easy to spread? ? Or rather it is brittle, sticky, brittle? The aroma and aroma of butter are also examined: Do nuts smell good or, at worst, sour or moldy?

As we can see, judging the quality of a butter can not be improvised and it is not a joke, but, seeing this small glass of cognac next to my tasting tray, I expected a good slice of laughter. But this beautiful little detail (that we said) was actually important. And no less important! Cognac allows you to burn the greasy feeling of taste, but also and above all to spoil the sometimes very unpleasant tastes, which can remain in the mouth and disturb the rest of the taste.

Like what, we learn every day, but beware, it’s not about ending up with butter for the cause!


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