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Healthy and wholesome recipes do not necessarily match the diet and boredom on the plate! Weight guards (WW) thus offers nutritional programs designed to promote weight loss without deprivation. In addition to personalized meetings and training, Weight Watchers also offersbalanced recipes and menus to eat better and healthier.

Weight monitors, personalized balanced recipes

From inspiration to composing a light dish or dessert? Do not be afraid, there are almost 5000 Recipes for weight monitors and 1000 balanced menus to never run out of ideas and help you get back into healthy habits. The program offers a wide selection of easy recipes for all times of the day, thanks to a points system: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Light and gourmet foods

Want to combine weight loss, nutrition and pleasure? Weight guards OFFERS Healthy recipe ideas for all times of the day with a wide selection of light meals.
Have you ever considered making an easy navigation? Accompanied by potatoes, carrots, turnips and peas, Weight Watchers lamb stew put a light 15% cream to minimize fat on your plate. The same goes for the recipe. pasta with smoked salmon by Weight Watchers. Another tip to replace fresh cream on a plate, use fresh cheese! IN Weight Watchers Piemonte Salad Recipe light and revised, forget the traditional home-made mayonnaise. Here it is advisable to mix a petit-suisse with egg yolk and mustard. An interesting trick to replace mayonnaise.

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Sweets and snacks from Weight Watchers

And why not end up with a sweet note with a healthy dessert? Do not deprive yourself anymore. It is not always necessary to use a lot of sugar to make a good dessert. Get Easy coconut cake recipe for weight monitors for example, sugar – usually from 150 g to 200 g for a cake of this type – is replaced with two tablespoons of sweetener. For a gourmet break after the meal or to treat yourself without feeling guilty, try light waffles too. This recipe is not about adding a gram of sugar. Flavored with peanut oil, no sugar will be missing either.

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