What do we eat for breakfast to celebrate the traditional Muslim holiday?

For some, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, while for others it is a sacred moment that rhymes with separation and joy. So to kick off the month of April on the right foot, we are inspired by the biggest Muslim holiday and invite you to take a little culinary trip, on the other side of the Mediterranean, with a hearty and 100% Moroccan breakfast! On the menu? Dates, creamy soups, delicious pancakes … here’s what to put on the table for a successful Ramadan 2022 ftour!

Moroccan breakfast with easy recipe for Ramadan 1 April 2022

On the occasion of the holy month of Muslim peoples, Deavita.fr invites you to break the fast together at sunset around a good light ftour! And while for some it’s just a hearty breakfast, in Morocco ftour is a holy Ramadan meal. For this occasion, Moroccan families are placing small dishes in large ones. Ramadan tables are quite rich and everything is taken care of down to the last detail. And while some dishes may vary depending on the region, others remain memorable, even essential, for a memorable holiday. This is especially the case with dates, harira soup and delicious pastry-flavored pastries. In short, for the first meal of the day after fasting, every meal is of great importance. Before we discover them below, let’s do a historical review!

Short history of the origin of Ramadan

how to make a moroccan breakfast recipe for ftour ramadan 2022

A family and religious holiday, Ramadan consists of a one-month period of fasting. In 2022, it runs from Saturday 2 April to Monday 2 May. According to the traditional rite, from dawn to sunset one should not drink or eat. Breaking the fast is fixed daily at sunset. It represents a real moment of fun, exchange and sharing and takes place around different gourmets and dishes. For Deavita.fr, Ramadan 2022 is the perfect opportunity to spend time in the kitchen and prepare various oriental meals.

Traditional ftourit star foods and ingredients

what ftour moroccan ramazan 2022 april

As you have probably realized, every food in the feast of Ramadan is important, both religiously and nutritionally. At the start time, celebrate with chorba frik (an aromatic soup made from cracked green wheat, meat and spices). You can also make a traditional chakchouka. A salad with peppers, chickpeas and live vegetables can also be added to the Ramadan ftour menu.

Recipe of gazelle horn dessert for Ramadan April 2022

On the side of the main plate, Moroccan couscous and tajine bow to everyone’s liking. They even exist in a vegetarian version. Do not hesitate to match them with the products of the season. Less popular but equally delicious recipes: shrimp with chermoula sauce, a lozenge, a trida or an Algerian mhawet. Finally, to end the Ramadan 2022 holiday with a sweet note, baklava, gazelle horns and pancakes will delight young and old alike. Fresh and dried fruits are also there to replenish your glucose.


ftour today 1 April 2022 Moroccan morning dates of Ramadan

Undoubtedly, dates are the main ingredient of all meals. Indeed, he is consuming a date that the Prophet Muhammad would have broken his fast. A food with 1001 virtues for health, this exotic fruit is an important source of energy thanks to its high sugar level. It is therefore perfect for restoring blood sugar after fasting. Assimilated faster by the body, dates prepare the stomach to digest the rest of the food. They are also very rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. Then they can be consumed all year round, especially in autumn, when dates are full of them.

Harira soup

Easy ftour soup recipe of Ramadan Harira April 2022

Among all the Ramadan dishes, the harri soup is in the spotlight. Made with tomato juice, lentils, onions, chickpeas and spices, gently garnish with diced meat and fresh coriander leaves. Saturated and low in calories, harira contains all the ingredients for a complete meal. In addition to the soup, you can treat yourself to a hard boiled egg flavored with cumin to have protein for the next day.

Baghrir or pancakes with a thousand holes

baghrir pancake recipe with thousands of holes traditional moroccan breakfast ftour ramazan 2022

Baghrirat are traditional Berber pancakes made with oatmeal, eggs, baking powder and yeast. To prepare them, nothing could be easier! Mix all the ingredients in a blender with water and a little sugar and salt. Let the dough rest for 20 minutes and fry each pancake on one side to give it a sponge-like appearance with a thousand holes. Serve hot with a mixture of melted butter and honey.

Puffy pancakes

Moroccan recipe for ftour 2022 puffed pancakes Ramadan Breakfast

Another popular pancake in the Maghreb, msemmens is traditionally served with mint tea. Like baguettes, eat with a little butter and honey. Some even spread homemade jam on it. To prepare msemmens, use flour, oatmeal, salt and water. Divide the dough into small balls and let it rest for 15 minutes. Coat each ball with butter and oil, then fold in a wallet and cook in a pan for a few minutes.

Do you drink ftour?

recipe ftour buffet at home April 2022 Ramadan

As for drinks, choose your favorite fruit juice, a cup of peppermint tea or a glass of traditional fermented milk (also called leben) to promote digestion. Regardless of the drink you choose, it is important to choose healthy recipes that will provide the body with all the nutrients it needs after a long period of fasting.

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